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Interceptor spionmjukvara - Avlyssna mobiltelefon & SMS

Interceptor spionmjukvara - Avlyssna mobiltelefon & SMS

SEK6,396.00 SEK7,995.00 (ink. 25 % moms)

Den 3:e generationen Interceptor spionmjukvara är helt unik och innebär en stor teknologisk utveckling jämfört med tidigare spionmjukvaror för mobiltelefoner. Förutom möjligheten att höra röster runt telefonen och logga in på pågående samtal gjorda med spiontelefonen så har de även funktionen att spionnumret även får en kopia på alla SMS som sänds/tas emot av spiontelefonen. Spionnumret och flera spionfunktioner kan även enkelt ändras genom att skicka dolda kommandon genom SMS till spiontelefonen(den telefon som Interceptor spionmjukvara är installerad i) utan att användaren av spiontelefonen misstänker något. Den 3:e generationens Interceptor spionmjukvaran har många fler funktioner som beskrivs nedan!

- SPYPHONE : Lyssna på alla samtal som sker i närheten av telefonen
- INTERCEPTOR : Inloggning av alla pågående samtal som både görs och tas emot av spiontelefonen
- SMS FORWARD : Ett förinställt telefonnummer tar emot en kopia på alla SMS som skickas/tas emot av spiontelefonen utan att användaren av spiontelefonen kan se ett spår av detta.

Other features:

• SMS ON BOOT AND SIM CHANGE: An SMS is sent to the Pre-defined number when the phone switches on.
• REMOTE CONTROL BY SMS : You can enable or disable any function with SMS message
• REMOTE CHANGE PRIVILEGED NUMBER: You can change privileged number remotely by SMS
• 100% SOFTWARE BASED: Installation on target phone is easy and possible via Bluetooth, Serial Cable, USB Data Cable, IRDA, Email, SMS, MMS
• HIDDEN VIEW: This software solution is 100% trace resistant and does not generate any Call, SMS, Application or installation logs.


While off the spy option, SP behaves as an ordinary mobile phone so it makes and receives calls as usual. However, when SP receives call from the “privileged number”, it answers automatically without any ringing or lights coming on and the display stay the same as if it is in a “Standby Mode”. Thus it enables you listening discreetly to what is going on about 5 meters around the phone. No record of the call received from the privileged number will ever be put in the phone's list of received calls. The “Listening Mode” will get interrupted right away if:
1. The SP receives a call or;
2. If any key is pressed on SP’s dialer.


If a call is in progress on the target phone (incoming or outgoing) the user will be intimated with a SMS on the pre-defined number. At this point, if the user calls the target phone, they will be able to hear the conversation taking place on the target phone. Please note that Call Conferencing is required for this feature to work properly. Kinldy call your network service provider and ensure that Call Conferencing is activated.
Spy phone sends SMS to the “privileged number” every time it makes or receives a call. The SMS messages appear in the following format:

From: 0914650650
10/01/2006 14:35
Incoming call : 013777377

By receipt of such message you may decide to call spyphone back from “privileged number”. In this case you will enter into ongoing conversation in conference mode without being noticed, so you can listen to the conversation.


Receive an immediate copy of all text messages (SMS) from the target phone the moment they are sent or received by the target phone. This powerful and highly advanced software is 100% trace resistant and immediately leaving no logs on the target Phone. Monitor ALL the target phone's mobile phone SMS (text message) activities with this solid state-of-the-art software solution.With complete piece of mind you will be able to monitor the activities of your children, your spouse/partner, your employees, your associates, your friends, without them EVER knowing!


An SMS is sent to the privileged number when the phone switches on. This ensures that the user is notified when the phone is switched on and if the SIM in the target phone changes. We have also insured that there is no outgoing SMS icon when the phone switches on.


This is the gretest feature of this unique surveillance software. All functions can be enabled or disabled by command SMS from privileged number. Once you give phone to other person you don`t need to have phisically acces to phone anymore. All commands you can send remotelly, including changing privileged number and uninstall spy software.
With sending command SMS you can:

1. to enable or disable all features at once
2. to enable or disable spyphone option, interceptor option, SMS forward, SMS on boot, alert SMS message in interceptor mode
3. ask for Location info SMS
4. change privileged number
5. restart phone
6. uninstall aplication


The software is completely hidden from view. There are no installation/uninstallation logs of the software nor are there any files stored on the phone which can be detected. Our logging engine ensures that no logs of incoming calls or SMS forwards are written in the phones logging engine.


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